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A note about movies over the Internet
Movie files can be very large which can lead to very long download times. In an effort to keep these times reasonable the dimensions of the movies are small and compression has been taken as far as possible before image quality was compromised too much.

The movies are in mpeg or DivX format with stereo sound and should play automatically.

Philip Treacy

Alexander McQueen
An exhibition piece for my one-man show in Milan 2001
Duration 3:28 - Size 8.3MB


Philip Treacy

Philip Treacy
Featuring Grace Jones on the catwalk
Duration 56 seconds - Size 3MB


Julien MacDonald

Julien MacDonald
Catwalk show from London Fashion Week - shot for Max Factor
Duration 53 seconds - Size 3.5MB



Alexander McQueen
Features Kate Moss in the best show from London Fashion Week S/S 98
Duration 54 seconds - Size 3MB

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